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TEDX: Extraordinary in the ordinary

Good Soup Productions' Ric Bienstock talks at Independent TEDx event in Calgary

In June, Ric was asked to speak at the TEDxYYC event. The theme for the event was was "Crafted" - made, created, constructed, though up with care, intelligence and craft.

The video of that talk is now online, watch below: 

From TEDxYYC: 

For twenty years Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Ric Bienstock has taken us around the globe to the darkest outposts of the human experience. Tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time, Bienstock has earned a reputation for gaining unprecedented access to her stories. Her revealing portrayals of porn stars and Ebola victims, human organ brokers and sex traffickers, transcend the sensational and challenge us to see these characters for who they are – human beings. In this engaging and thought-provoking talk, Bienstock shares some of the filmmaking experiences that pushed her to look beyond stereotypes and find the “extraordinary in the ordinary”.